FAQ U-Sikal Service

What is U-Sikal service?
U-Sikal is a program that fully supports university’s initiative in making Kampus Alam Pauh Putra as a 'Sustainable Campus'. U-Sikal service will make our campus more environmentally friendly. U-Sikal service includes rent-a-bike as a transport medium for a minimum fee for the use of residents around the campus in Pauh Putra. Currently, there are five bike stations located around the campus; bus terminal, library, hostel (PFI), Lecture Hall Complex and Boulevard. U-Sikal service uses the "Radio Frequency Identification" (RFID) concept technology, which was developed in UniMAP. Users only need to use RFID cards to use the bikes provided. These bikes will be locked at the designated 'parking bay' and can only be unlocked by using RFID card.

Will I be able to use the U-Sikal service?
U-Sikal service can be used by students and staff who purchase the U-Sikal service card.

How much is the fee?



10 mins


10 mins


10 mins


10 mins



 30 mins

Maximum service

8 hours after activation

Penalty for Returning


after 8 hours

Penalty for

Not Returning


0 –

20 mins

21 mins -

30 mins

31 mins –

40 mins

41 mins –

50 mins

51 mins –

60 mins









Per day




Where can I buy the bicycle cards?
For a start, U-Sikal cards can be purchased at Bus Terminal U-Sikal Station

What is the price of a bicycle card?
The price of a U-Sikal card is RM30 with a credit worth RM10. As a promotion, the price for the U-Sikal card is RM10, with a credit worth RM10 for the first 100 early birds

How long is the validity of the card? (Is there an expiration date?)
U-Sikal card has no expiration date and can be used based on your credit limit. If the credit limit is fully utilized, users can reload the credit limit at any of the sales counter

Can I check the balance of my card?
Users can check the card balance at the sales counter

Should I return the bike card (no longer be using the services of U-Sikal), will I get a refund?
Users will be refunded with the remaining RM10 credit value in the card.

What happens if I lose my card?
Users have to report the loss at the sale counters. Users need to purchase a new card if you want to continue using U-Sikal service

What is the U-Sikal operating hours?
U-Sikal operating hours is from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm

What happens if I don’t return the bike on time?
If the user fails to return the bike on time, the user can still return the bike at the nearest U-Sikal automatic stations that operate 24 hours a day. Currently, there are two U-Sikal automatic stations at the Library and Lecture Hall Complex

What if the bike I rented is not in good condition/damaged?
Users are advised to make sure the bike selected is in good condition before renting. If rented bike is damaged during the rental period, users are requested to return the bike to the nearest U-Sikal station and lodge a report to the phone number stated

What if the rented bike went missing?
A penalty of RM400 will be charged to the user if the bike is lost during rental

Can I take my bike outside the campus?
Absolutely NO.  U-Sikal service can only be used in the Pauh Putra Main Campus only

Why are some stations automated, while some are non-automatic (manual)?
Implementation of U-Sikal is carried out in stages. At the initial stage, only 2 stations work automatically. All stations will start working automatically in the near future

Who can I contact if there is a problem with the U-Sikal?
If you have any problems regarding U-Sikal, kindly contact these numbers 013-4097403, 012-4353700 and 04-9798885 for assistance

Can I wear baju kurung when biking?
No, because this is quite dangerous. It also does not comply with the dress code while cycling

What is the etiquette of cycling in UniMAP?

Cycling Dress Code

1)    Users must wear long pants. Sarung is prohibited when riding a bike
2)    Users must wear flat covered shoes. Slippers, sandals and high heels are not allowed

Cycling Ethics

1)    Cycle at the left lane (just like the motorists)
2)    Do not cross or turn in a hurry. Stop before turning and give hand signals for turning and slow down
3)    Do not cycle recklessly
4)    Keep both hands on the bike handles
5)    Do not use mobile phones or other items while cycling
6)    Do not carry a pillion while riding a bike
7)    Use the bike paths provided
8)    Prioritize the pedestrians

Can I give ideas to improve U-Sikal?
Absolutely! The University and UniMAP Holdings are always looking to improve the quality of services provided. Call us at 013-4097403, 012-4353700 or 04-9798885