To achieve this, a strong commitment by the University higher management was imperative. Following a model from Cornel University, nine teams were established during the workshop - each with specific game plans on how to transform uniMAP to be a sustainable green campus. The nine teams comprise Energy, Transportation, Land & Water, Waste, People, Food, Procurement, Building, and Climate teams. The teams are led by an academic and composed of members of staff from numerous schools and departments within the University. In the months following the establishment of the nine teams, more members of staff came forth to suggest and implement new teams that look into different aspects of green campus operations. The diversity of complexity of each team to coordinate itself into completing its mission of making UniMAP a sustainable is apparent. While each team is considered the expert of the discipline in terms of academics, it should also understand the nature of the University’s operations in order to achieve its goals.

Other Initiatives Programmes

Food Team

The Food Team is led by Dr. Irnis Azura from the School of Environmental Engineering. Currently, the main initiative of this team is to produce compost from food waste found in the University’s cafeterias. The team has also purposed to ban the use of polystyrene and minimize the use of un-recyclable plastic materials, and this is in line with the instruction of UniMAP’s Chancellor, His Royal Highness Tuanku Faizuddin ibni Sirajuddin Jamalullail.

Procurement Team

The Procurement team is led by Associate Professor Dr. Hazry Desa from the School of Business Innovation and Technopreneurship. The team has come out with a green procurement policy. Because the implications are great, the policy is now being discussed with the Bursary to see whether implementation is possible in UniMAP.

Building Team

The building team is led by Dr. Dina Maziana from the School of Electrical Systems Engineering. The team looks at ways to optimize building operation and maintenance. It addresses issues such campus comfort and prevention of vandalism, among many others.

Climate Team

The climate team is led by Dr. Nasrul Hamidin from the School of Environmental Engineering. The team looks into providing a conducive working and studying environment through measure of indoor air quality in the University’s many premises.


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