The Energy Management team, led by Dr. Samila Mat Zali from the School of Electrical Systems Engineering, looks into the electrical energy consumption in UniMAP, particularly in the main campus. One of initiatives taken is to stagger the start of the University’s chiller system in the main campus. By staggering, approximately RM 38,800 is saved every month in terms of the University’s electrical bill. Another initiative is the unplugging of light bulbs in accordance to the lux meter standard of the Malaysian Public Works Department. The team is currently looking into other initiatives such as energy management accreditation and energy performance contracting.

Conserve Energy Notice

“Always turn off lights/fan/AC when you leave a room or when they are not needed.”, “Unplug electrical devices when they are not in use.”
Dr Samila Mat Zali, Energy Team Leader

Activities Executed

- Kempen di PFI (dengan HEPA)
- Program chiller stagger
- Program lux
- Program diskaun @TNB
- Program lampu selang seli
- Program matikan 15 min sebelum tamat bekerja
- Program EPC – RM66K
- Program EPC – AEMAS
- Program gunasama bilik/dewan kuliah (Pembuatan/Mekatronik)
- Update Dasar tenaga UniMAP
- Reminder (kempen melalui stickers)
- Suhu bilik kuliah
- Program penjimatan tenaga dalam penggunaan komputer
- Earth Hour, Earth Day, dll, dll

Earth Hour

Total of Electricity Saving

Help Save Our Electricity Bills!!!

Electricity Consumption in a Day

Awareness Implemented

Projek Pemalapan Pencahayaan


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