UniMAP’s U-Sikal Project

UniMAP’s U-Sikal project is carried out under the ‘Sustainable Campus’ initiative. It is an ambitious ‘point to multipoint’ transportation system, whereby students ride on bicycles to get from one point to another. Riding a bicycle is environmentally friendly compared to using fuel-based transportation options. For starters, 140 bicycles will be purchased and placed in the Nature Campus, Pauh Putra, specifically at the Library, the bus terminal, the residential colleges in Pauh Putra, the lecture hall complex, and the boulevard. Students are given 15 minutes free use of the bike.

After 15 minutes, a charge is imposed. So as to encourage a fast turn-around, the rate will be higher the longer the bike is with the student. The operation of the bike system utilizes RFID technology developed in-house, namely by the School of Mechatronic Engineering.

Taking into account students’ view (garnered through some focus group sessions), the campus landscape will be readied via appropriate bicycle pathways, zebra crossings, signages, ramps, etc. The system uses smart cards, and it forms the basis for more ambitious green and smart technology projects to be developed and implemented in the near and far future.

UniMAP Holding is entrusted to operate the system. This project is one of the many carried out to make UniMAP a sustainable university.



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